Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 RTB results

New Balance Boston won the Co-ed division at the 2010 Reach the Beach relay. For 208.95 miles in a time of 22:07:17, the co-ed team still showed dominance amongst the entire field, finishing 9th overall out of 430 teams and competing with some very talented men-only teams.
The weather was perfect for the entire event. Cool, crisp fall temperatures kept all comfortable while battling NH's rolling climbs and descents. The night time hours provided the most moonlight in many years and the rain backed off for the NBB team before their 4pm start. At the much sought after finish in Hampton Beach, the sun shone strong, providing a perfect way to celebrate a long racing event. After a quick dip into the ice-bathing ocean temperatures, the team feasted and enjoyed a good time at the beer tent.

Here are the raw numbers for the number crunching geeks:
Official Results
NBB 2010 RTB splits

Photos are being uploaded and video is to come:

Friday, September 10, 2010


With 1 week to go, let me introduce NBB's RTB Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Ryan Carrara
aka Poliwrath
Favorite stinky smell: Hydrogen Sulfide
Color I hate most: Vermilion - U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi. You are not red, you are not orange, you have no idea what you are! I hate your lack of direction as much as your appearance! (227,66,52) Seriously? You call that a color code! I hate you Vermilion with all my heart!
Someplace I'd like to travel to: Pompeii, I think I could do a lot of good there
Best running achievement: 1996 Greek Relay Champions - anchor leg

Tom Szumita
aka Uncle Fire
Favorite stinky smell: Wet Kittens
Color I hate most: Whatever color the Jets are wearing this Sunday
Someplace I'd like to travel to: Hampton Beach (OK, been there but want to go again)
Best running achievement: Not being booted from the 2010 NBB RTB team by Carrara

Justin Lutz
aka The Long Pole
Favorite stinky smell: Bud Mud
Color I hate most: I love all colors equally
Someplace I'd like to travel to: New Bedford, Massachusetts
Best running achievement: 74th place in the 2001 UMass Dartmouth Invitational

Justin Maloney
aka luvs2eatkittystu
Favorite stinky smell: Sweaty running clothes stuffed in an airtight plastic bag and left in a dark place for two weeks, then opened in my face.
Color I hate most: Burnt Sienna
Someplace I'd like to travel to: A repeat visit to first-place-at-reach-the-beach land
Best running achievement: Successfully hitting the interior of a heckler's car with three consecutive snowballs, tying my PR of pooping in the woods three times on a single run. I'm all about the threes.

Jeffrey Caron
aka J-Cizzle
Favorite stinky smell: Powerbar scented farts with a hint of coffee
Color I hate most: Rust Orange
Someplace I'd like to travel to: Kenyan training camp
Best running achievement: Falling 3 times in a cross country race and still setting a PR. Having a 40m lead with 200m to go at the conference championships and then losing by 40m in the same race. Successfully creating a 2 mile beer relay around my house.

Avery Bouchard
aka Bouchi Mane
Favorite stinky smell: rotting leaves (probably mixed with a small animal carcass or two)
Color I hate most: No colors really bother me, since I am, in fact, color blind.
Someplace I'd like to travel to: I'd like to someday make my way to the top. Never been there. I hear it's nice.

Best running achievement: My fondest running memory, quite coincidentally, has to do with a deer (which was not yet a carcass). I was run over by said deer while doing a workout in the woods of the Community College of Rhode Island. It came out of nowhere and put it's head down, full force into my thigh while I was on my 9th (and last) 3:00 repeat - about 1:30 in. I did finish that repeat, but did no extras.

Yvonne Green
aka Mrs. Gui Lo
Favorite stinky smell: Any blue cheese
Color I hate most: Yellow, it's too cheery
Someplace I'd like to travel to: Hell, because only sinners have fun
Best running achievement: Surviving RTBs since 2005 without any GI issues. That's right, I've got a colon of steel.


Lara Johnson
Favorite stinky smell:
Color I hate most:
Someplace I'd like to travel to:
Best running achievement:

Nicole Mauro
Favorite stinky smell:
Color I hate most:
Someplace I'd like to travel to:
Best running achievement:

Sasha Varanka
Favorite stinky smell:
Color I hate most:
Someplace I'd like to travel to:
Best running achievement:

Megan Proulx
Favorite stinky smell:
Color I hate most:
Someplace I'd like to travel to:
Best running achievement:

Amber Gibney
aka Ambchops
Favorite stinky smell: I LOVE the smell of skunk. Seriously. I know it's gross and I am ashamed.
Color I hate most: Mauve, gross.
Someplace I'd like to travel to: Egypt, Greece, the Moon
Best running achievement: 1. My last collegiate race. It was the conference championship in Virginia, it was about 95 degrees out and no shade. I ran a PR to qualify for the 800m final and I set another PR in the finals and ended up placing second overall. I did this all on a severe stress fracture in my tibia and as I crossed the finish line I threw up all over the place, including on my boyfriend. We're talking violent, projectile vomiting in front of a lot of people on a hot hot day. It was awesome. 2. Recently ran a mountain race, Race to the Top of VT. 4.3ish miles up, relatively nice weather, decided to put a sweet fake tattoo of a wolf on my bicep to intimidate everyone. I ended up doing horribly, and I even got OWNED by a 68 year old woman. Talk about humbling.

Our team dropouts:

Mark Larosa
aka Mucus
Favorite stinky smell: vinegar soaked koosh ball
Color I hate most: Hello Kitty pink

Someplace I'd like to travel to: a Wendy's in northern California

Best running achievement: diving handoff in college in a relay which resulted in a 3 man collision, but our team made it out alive (although didn’t win)
What's his story: During my 2 days off a year, I decided to take a quick relaxing trip to a remote little key off the coast of Australia, where a chopper dropped me into a wave breaking 11 miles off the coast. After successfully surfing the wave and photographing the entire thing myself, I quickly hopped back on the board and started paddling in when I was attacked by a ferocious great white shark and a sea lion at the same time. Luckily I was able to quickly best the sea lion, filet him, and whip up a nice sushi platter to hold off the shark while I get free, but not before dropping my camera in the water and rendering it destroyed, and contracting a nasty case of swimmers crotch from some unruly actions by the sea lion.

Wait, I mean I hurt my back picking up my kids and can’t run for several months due to some surgery nuisance.

Chris Lowe
What's his story: (Injured)

Christine O'Donnell
What's her story: I am a competitive person, and didn't want to be out-done by anyone on our team who might have gone so far as to have surgery to avoid RTB. So, I got myself a bad back too involving a likely Spondylolisthesis on top of a scoliosis and a leg length discrepancy, all causing a disc/nerve problem. (At least this explains my ugly running stride). Or maybe I'm just trying to use all my PT jargon to throw off Hello Kitty?!?!

I wasn't sure if the back problem would be quite enough to get me out of running this year, so I decided I should pick up some GI problems. This quickly got me off the team, as no one wants to be in a van with me! I would have definitely violated the "no going in the woods rule" and been kicked out of the race anyways.
I am really good at running easy, infrequent, and in circles around my neighborhood (never can be too far from a bathroom)! So, if there is a run/walk relay race around Charlestown or a pool running competition -- Hello Kitty better watch out!

Liz Turner
What's her story: (Anemic and immune system malfunction)

Laura Kennedy
What's her story: (The never ending injury)

Meggie Sullivan
aka The Columbian
Favorite stinky smell: Irony
Color I hate most: The black in "little black dresses". Why not "burnt sienna dresses"?
Someplace I'd like to travel to: A finish line that requires a passport.
Best running achievement: When I first learned to walk.

Calling all women!

Our NBB Reach the Beach relay is still down a woman. Please let us know if you're interested in joining us or know of anybody who'd be interested.

It's a pretty nice deal and a kickass time to boot.

For crying out loud, there's a beer tent this year at the finish!